Cholos - HomeStyle Mexican Restaurant

Cholos Restaurant Full Bar


Tres Margaritas

Six Margaritas

Restaurant Decor

Fresh Drinks

Cholos Drinks

Cholos Mojitos

Umbrela Drinks

Island Cocktails

Ahi Taco Salad

Fresh Grilled Ahi

Carne Asada

Tender Strips of Marinated Steak

Veggie Nachos

Special Quesadillas

Spinach and Cheese Enchiladas Verde

Shrimp Tacos

Selection of Imported & Micro Brews

Blended Margaritas

Exotic Margaritas

Inside the Cholos Lunch Wagon

Cholos Lunch Wagon Kitchen

Lunch Wagon Art

Cholos Lunch Wagon Exterior

Cholos On The Go

Cafe De Panama

Mexican Hand Carved Angels

Mexican Woven Wall Hanging

Folk Art for Sale

Restaurant Decor of Mexican Folk Art

Beverage Bar

Inside Cholos Homestyle Mexican

The Margarita Bar

Paper Mache Dolls

Day of the Dead Folk Art

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