Mango Madness


If it’s July and August, then that can only mean it’s that time of the year in Hawaii when mango trees are boasting massive globes of purplish-green-red delicious goodness! If you’re passing by Haleiwa Joe’s on Haleiwa Road, you can find some tasty Pickle Mango from the Taranqinos, or if you can grab local mangos at the neighborhood markets.

But locals around the North Shore know that when the mangos are ripening on the trees or filling bowls on kitchen counters, then it’s time to head over to Cholo’s Homestyle Mexican Restaurant to grab a deliciously, smooth, perfectly sweet Mango Margarita!

We buy only the tastiest, freshest, juicest mangos from our friends at Poamoho Farms here on the North Shore of Oahu. They’re large, juicy, with the smallest amount of stringyness, and top-notch taste! Our bartenders know just the right mixture to make that mango into a margarita that will have your mouth watering as soon as your server sets it down!

So come on down and try one today before mango season is pau and you’ll have to wait til next summer to get your fix!

Have a great day, and until next time.

A hui hou,



Cholo’s Homestyle Mexican Restaurant